About Us

In a fast-paced world, such as the one we line in, sometimes it seems impossible to stop and smell the roses. Most of us spend much of our day in front of a screen, not realizing how beautiful life is.

This is how we discovered Painting By Numbers. We were looking for ways to relax, unwind and do something creative with our own hands. And Painting By Numbers was one of the best ones.

We quickly realized more benefits that we could have ever imagined. A deep relaxation while painting and a profound satisfaction upon completing the painting, were just the first ones.

It became a beautiful family and friends activity, something we were looking forward all day. Each painting was something our own, a special addition o our home and a warm, thoughtful gift for our loved ones.

We begun having more and more Beaming Thoughts and we decided to do our part in sharing this with the rest of the world.